HVV-4915 Truck Mounted Vacuum

HVV-4915 Truck Mounted Vacuum

HVV-4915 Truck Mounted Vacuum


The UltraVac Model HVV-4915 industrial vacuum truck is a powerful, efficient, heavy duty, dust free vacuum system designed for the easy collection and disposal of virtually any dry materials, sludges, slurries, and liquids from remote and inaccessible locations.


The HVV-4915 industrial vacuum truck was specifically designed with less differential pressure loss through the filtration system, which greatly increases the air flow throughout the system and enhances performance while reducing operating cost. This industrial vacuum truck features a round design for the main payload compartment, dual cyclones for intermediate filtration, and round ductwork for conveying the airflow between the filtration system components to further reduce the differential loss through the system. Our tank is also designed with a front dished head and dished tailgate assembly. These features as well as the convex design for the filtration system increase the structural integrity of the system and the life of the industrial vacuum truck. Our full open tailgate, oversize front and rear cleanout ports on the filtration system provide for easy cleanout and reduced downtime.

Tank Design

Cylindrical, 67" diameter, 16' long with front dished head. Low Profile Debris Tank for Lower Center of Gravity Easy Clean Out with Straight Through Clean Out Doors

Tank Material

.250 GR50 A-1011 Steel, 50,000 lb. minimum yield strength.

Tank Capacity

Net, 15 Cubic Yards.

Tank Mounting

Full length sub frame assembly with six (6) isolation pads.

Industrial Vacuum Truck Tailgate

Full open, dished head design with four (4) hydraulic locks, hydraulic raise and lower.

Primary Shut Off

Float Ball, 12" diameter mounted in a removable cage.

Inlet &Primary Filtration System

A ground level connection for attaching the inlet hose to the unit helps keep the industrial vacuum truck operators at ground level for safety. A centrifugal inlet separator, 36" diameter, is mounted on the top of the main payload compartment with an 8" x 12’ port hose. The separator has a bolt—in wear liner and can be removed for maintenance if necessary.

Dual Cylcone Seperators

Dual bolt-on design cyclones with a three (3) cubic yard separation chamber.

Single Mode Filtration System

An oversize baghouse for minimum differential pressure loss ensures maximum performance for the operator while using less fuel at a lower RPM. A 60” long single baghouse with 68 snap band design, tubular filter bags, providing 445 square feet of filter media with 1.5 cubic yards of material storage capacity is in the lower section of the baghouse. An air cannon pulsation system included. Full length integrated dump tubes under the cyclones and baghouse chambers with 15" cleanout doors.

Final Filter

Fine mesh filter screen for blower protection.

Minimum Chassis Requirements

18,000 lbs. Front Axle & Suspension 46,000 lbs Tandem Rear Axles & Suspension 385 Horsepower Minimum 198" Clear Cab to Axle

Total Payload Capacity

19.5 cubic yards.

Blower Specifications

Hibon SIAV 8702 Tri Lobe, rated at 5250 cfm free air flow and 27" Hg maximum vacuum.

Blower Exhaust Silencer

Ultra quiet single-frame mounted silencer in a vertical design with rain cap and drain. Rubber isolation seal between blower and silencer aid in sound dissipation.

Blower Intake Silencer

Single, vertical up and away design

Blower Drive

Frame mounted transfer case with air shift controls for engaging and disengaging. The transfer case is rated for 550 Horsepower and 25,000 foot-pounds of torque.

Hydraulic System

Thirty-five (35) gallon hydraulic oil tank with replacement element return filter and indicator. Hydraulic hoses are three (3) braid, and rated @3000 psi working pressure. Steel hydraulic tubing is utilized to extend the hydraulic circuits across the sub-frame assembly to the rear of the unit. Hose and tubing connections are JIC type.

Hydraulic Pump

Driven from transfer case with air shift engage and disengage.

Hydraulic Controls

Three bank control valve for unlocking, raising, lowering and locking of the tailgate and raising and lowering of the module.

Hydraulic Dump System

Three stage tri-union mounted hydraulic hoist cylinder, double acting for power up and down.

Control Panel

Blower tachometer, hour-meter, hydraulic pressure gauge, blower vacuum gauge, baghouse differential gauge, air pressure gauge, automatic and variable throttle controls, full payload compartment indicator light.


Bolt on rear fenders with mud flaps.


DOT lighting with two light rear module assembly, clearance lamps, reflectors, three row center markers. Wiring is enclosed in plastic loom.

Rear Bumper

Standard tubular bolt-on design.


Sandblasted white, two coats primer and two coats of single color urethane paint.


The HVV-4915 industrial vacuum loader features easy access to all major components for maintenance, uses common “off-the-shelf” spare parts, offers an oversize baghouse for minimum differential pressure loss and a full-length sub-frame for the tank & filtration module.

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