T-475/675/975 Industrial Vacuum Truck

T-475/675/975 Industrial Vacuum Truck

T-475/675/975 Industrial Vacuum Truck


The UltraVac® T-475/675/975 series of industrial vacuum trucks includes highly maneuverable, industrial vacuum loaders with a mid-range power supply and load capacity. This series of one-worker vehicles will improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of industrial material handling and cleanup operations. One worker drives to the job site, loads, drives to the dump site, and empties... again and again. It's that simple with the T-475/675/975 series.


The T-475 industrial vacuum truck features an expanded load-carrying capability that readily discharges through a hydraulic tailgate. The unit features many of the hard-working advantages of UltraVac®'s traditional larger chassis-mounted vacuum loaders. The compact T-475 industrial vacuum truck is ideally suited to all those confined areas where bigger units just won't fit.

Collector Body

A large 4 cubic yard (3.06m3) (6 and 9 cubic yards for T-675 and T-975 industrial vacuum loaders) capacity collector body with centrifugal separation for even payload distribution. The collector body also features a hydraulic lift cylinder to achieve a 45 degree dump angle for emptying the main collection hopper and baghouse areas simultaneously.

Tank Material

Reinforced A36/50 steel

Tank Capacity

4 cubic yards (6 and 9 cubic yards for 675 and 975)

Tank Mounting

Tank is mounted to a common subframe for easy attachment to the truck chassis

Industrial Vacuum Truck Tailgate

Hydraulically actuated

Primary Shut Off

High level probe that automatically indicates a full hopper.

Primary Filtration System

The UltraVac T-475/675/975 Series of industrial vacuum trucks features a continuous, reverse pulse-air cleaning filtration system. With Snap-Lok filter bags and venturi-style bag retainers, bag changes are made in less than an hour, with no tools needed. Standard units are equipped with both wet and dry filters. Air to cloth ratio: 9.8:1 (dry mode), 39:1 (wet mode)

Final Filter

Micro screen stainless steel filter.

Truck Chassis

Your choice of a heavy-duty industrial chassis. GVWR: 30,000 lbs. (13608 kg.) for 4 cubic yard. Higher GVW required for larger units.

Total Payload Capacity

4 cubic yards (6, 9 for other industrial vacuum truck models)

Blower Specifications

Roots-type positive displacement rotary blower. Maximum Air Volume: 2150 CFM (61m3/min.) Maximum Vacuum: 15" hg (5167 mm H2O) at sea level.

Blower Exhaust Silencer

Blower equipped with high efficiency silencer to reduce noise.

Blower Drive

Matched V-Belts for separate engine model. Drive shaft for PTO Model.

Hydraulic System

High-efficiency hydraulic pump operated directly from separate diesel engine. PTO units require utilizing 6 or 8 bolt PTO on truck transmission. Pump with 6 or 8 bolt transmission mount.

Hydraulic Pump

Single hydraulic pump with reservoir and return filter to operate all hydraulic functions.

Easy View Control Panel

Mounted above the frame on the driver's side, the NEMA 4 panel with plexiglass front enables the operator to monitor the engine as well as the vacuum system without opening the panel door.

Hydraulic Dump System

A hydraulic cylinder lifts the collector body to a nominal 50 degree dump angle. All airflow paths, baghouses and the collector body interior can be cleaned through hinged doors. No difficult-to-access ducting.


Running lights and reflectors installed in accordance with latest federal standards.


Finished in white or in choice fo any other single acrylic polyurethane color.

Rear Bumper

DOT bumper standard.

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