Truck Mounted Industrial Vacuum Systems

Industrial Vacuum Loaders and Trucks

UltraVac is a global manufacturer of truck mounted industrial vacuum loaders and mobile vacuum loaders that can be used for a variety of cleanup and material transport operations.

Learn about the features, specifications, usage, and benefits of UltraVac’s truck mounted vacuum loaders or mobile industrial vacuum loaders below or find out why UltraVac is your best choice for industrial vacuum equipment.

HVV-4915 Truck Mounted Vacuum

The HVV 4915 Wet/Dry Vacuum Loaders: Designed to be the New Power in High Vacuum Loaders. The HVV-4915 truck mounted industrial vacuum was specifically designed with less restriction, which greatly increases air flow throughout the loader and also reduces differential pressure loss. The HVV-4915 industrial vac produces 27” Hg of vacuum. These high levels of vacuum reduce the strain on the operator and require less maintenance. The convex design of the truck mounted vacuum loader prevents material build-up while also increasing the structural integrity of the Loader.

T-475/675/975 Industrial Vacuum Truck

The UltraVac® T-475/675/975 series includes highly maneuverable, truck mounted industrial vacuum loaders with a mid-range power supply and load capacity. This series of one-worker industrial vac vehicles will improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of industrial material handling and cleanup operations. One worker drives to the job site, loads, drives to the dump site, and empties... again and again. It’s that simple with the T-475/675/975 series. The T-475 truck mounted industrial vacuum loader features an expanded load-carrying capability that readily discharges through a hydraulic tailgate. The unit features many of the hard-working advantages of UltraVac®’s traditional larger chassis-mounted vacuum loaders. The compact T-475 is ideally suited to all those confined areas where bigger industrial vacs just won’t fit.

T-3000 Industrial Vacuum Loader

The UltraVac® T-3000 industrial vacuum loader is a powerful, efficient, dust-free, vacuum module mounted on a 3-axle truck chassis for the removal of dry materials, sludges, slurries, and liquids from remote, difficult-to-access locations. Vibration and premature wear of the positive-displacement pump is eliminated due to the unique design of the direct-driven blower system.